​​​​​​​​​​Pregnancy and giving birth are transformative events in a woman’s life. Blissful Midwifery in Madison inspires empowered birth experiences in the comfort of your home. Our philosophy believes birth is a normal function of biology. Women are innately capable of giving birth, have a profound, intuitive instinct about birth, and, when supported and permitted to find comfort, are able to give birth without interventions. 

Midwives are experts in caring for healthy pregnant woman. Blissful Midwifery clients receive a level of personalized attention and quality of care that is unsurpassed in today’s healthcare environment. We promote natural, herbal and alternative therapies.

Blissful Midwifery is honored to walk alongside families and support their birthing experience. We are passionate about protecting the first precious moments that parents have with their babies. We believe in empowering women and educating families about their options and choices. Our wish is that every woman could know the power, wisdom and beauty of her body, and to know all her options in birth and the times surrounding it.​

​Blissful Midwifery protects the right to physiological birth for every pregnant person and vows to support Black, Indigenous and LGBTQIA+ pregnant folks and their babies against harmful discrimination and racism to improve birth outcomes.  

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