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Raquel Shoemaker, CPM, LM

Since postpartum is usually the time when more questions come up, we expect to see you and talk with you more often. The first few weeks of your baby's life is a huge transition for your whole family. Blissful Midwifery will have helped you prepare for this transition prenatally, and will be right there with you as the experience unfolds.

​Raquel offers 4 postpartum appointments. The appointment dates approximately occur at day 1, day 5, at 2 weeks and the last appointment is at 6 weeks. 

If there are any breastfeeding concerns or other issues, more visits are scheduled as needed. From your initial prenatal visit until your final postpartum visit, your midwife will be available for you and your baby.

Postpartum Care

Send a note or call to schedule your complimentary consultation:

PHONE: 608.220.1065

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