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"Raquel is so dedicated to helping women and their husbands have a joyful birthing experience! She was so supportive and spent much time answering questions I had throughout my pregnancy prior to and during my very quick birth! Raquel is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend her as a doula and placental encapsulator to anyone and everyone!"​

Ann, Madison WI

"Raquel was the assisting midwife for the birth of our second child. I did not have the chance to meet her before labor began, and unfortunately I have not seen her since. We think of her as some kind of birth fairy that arrived when needed and then faded away... I don’t plan to be pregnant again in this life, but if I were I would want Raquel to be there for the birth.  She was a kind and calming presence which is so necessary for welcoming new life."  
                                                                                                                                               Kay, Madison WI

​​​​"Throughout my pregnancy, birth and recovery, Raquel was a blessing in so many ways. In addition to her wealth of knowledge and experience, she was truly an advocate for me and my wishes for my pregnancy and birth. Without hesitation, I would recommend Raquel to any woman seeking midwife or doula services. I am sincerely grateful for her and my entire birth experience with her."
                                                                             Brooke, Madison WI